Iraq Veteran Runs With Therapy Dog

WHEELING – Friendly, W.Va., resident Bryan Day brought his therapy dog in training, Skye, to participate in the half marathon to help her get used to crowds of people.

Day, a recently retired sergeant in the Army who served in Desert Storm in 1990, said Skye is helping him deal with his post traumatic stress disorder. When Skye turns 1 year old, she will enter into her formal therapy dog training.

“This is my first time. We’re just trying it out to see how she does. She’s a good dog,” Day said.

Day said his PTSD impacts him differently day to day.

“Some days I’m OK and other days a smell or a sound sets me off,” he said.

He said his PTSD was caused by a combination of events from fighting in the war.

“I’ve seen a lot of stuff,” Day said, adding sometimes he chooses to talk about what happened.

Day was accompanied by his wife, Nancy, who said Skye is just 6 months old. They have two other dogs that are pets. Day said Skye, a stocky black and white dog, would do fine keeping up during the half marathon.