Police Arrest Bomb Suspect in Weirton

WEIRTON – A suspect has been arrested in connection with the three bombs found outside the Weirton Municipal Building earlier this month.

Weirton police arrested David Patterson, 23, on West Street at about 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, according to Chief Bruce Marshall.

“This was the outcome of our two-week investigation. Our guys did a great job. This has been our No. 1 priority,” Marshall said.

Two of the devices were found around the base of the building, and one was found near a police cruiser in the parking lot, Marshall said. The Weirton Police Department’s Special Response Unit diffused the weapons and reported the terrorist incident to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Patterson will be charged by the state with three counts of criminal use of destructive explosive devices. Marshall said the case then will be turned over to federal prosecutor Ian Phillips, who will determine what federal charges the suspect will face.

Patterson has some previous misdemeanors on record with Weirton Police, according to Marshall.