Police Officer Shoots Dog

WHEELING – A Wheeling police officer shot and killed a dog Wednesday near the intersection of 14th and Jacob streets.

At 12:25 p.m., police responded to the East Wheeling area to investigate a complaint by a person who said a large, aggressive dog had been chasing him.

Officer Kyle Mull found the dog on 14th Street and as he was exiting his vehicle the dog apparently charged after him. As the dog reportedly continued to charge and moved to a few feet from the officer, Kyle fired two shots to put the dog down.

Police and Ohio County Animal Control agents were at the scene as the investigation unfolded.

Several neighborhood residents looked on and shouted disapproval about the shooting. An unidentified man arrived on scene and wrapped the animal in blankets before loading it into the trunk of his vehicle and driving away.

Police Chief Shawn Schwertfeger confirmed officers were also called to the area Tuesday when the dog reportedly was chasing people in the neighborhood. They ticketed Rashawn Okernick, no age or address available, for allowing the dog to run loose.

Ohio County Health Department Sanitarian Lock Johnson said he went to the scene because he was aware of a dog from 14th Street being quarantined for biting someone and he wanted to confirm the dog killed was not the same animal. He confirmed they were different animals.

“The shooting Wednesday is still under investigation,” he said. “We don’t know if it had any human exposure prior to being killed.”

Schwertfeger said the matter will be investigated.

“We do a thorough review any time force is used, especially with a firearm,” he said.