Streetlights Will Shine In Pease

BROOKSIDE – Pease Township voters passed a levy Tuesday that turns on streetlights that have been shut off for more than a year – but it will probably be another year before the township sees the money and the lights shine again in the district, according to Trustee Michael Bianconi.

He expects Pease township won’t begin to collect the tax money until spring 2015.

Voters approved the 2-mill levy for operating expenses with a vote of 247-213. The levy excludes residents living in Bridgeport, Brookside, Yorkville and Martins Ferry.

“Truthfully, the lights will not be coming on until next spring,” Bianconi said. “We have to have the money first before we can turn them on. But the main thing is they will be coming on.”

Trustees will also use the money generated by the levy to tear down more dilapidated houses, and for needed road maintenance, according to Bianconi.

Street lights in Pease Township were turned off March 1, 2013 after voters failed to pass two 1-mill operating levies there in November 2012.

Voters in the Union Local School District rejected a request for an income tax of 0.5 percent on the earned income of individuals residing in the school district with 436 voting in favor, and 621 voting against. The income tax was to be for permanent improvements for a five-year period.

In the village of Bethesda, the replacement of a 3.5-mill levy for five years was approved 101-50. The levy is for the purpose of providing and maintaining fire apparatus, buildings or sites, water supply and materials. Levy funds generated also can be used for fire alarm systems, payment to firefighters and firefighting companies or to purchase ambulance equipment.

In Shadyside, voters agreed to give village leaders the authority to aggregate retail electric loads in the village. The move allows Shadyside’s leaders to enter into service agreements to facilitate the sale and purchase of electricity. Any resident will have the option to opt out of the aggregation. The vote on the measure was 206 in favor, and 101 opposed.

A similar ordinance was passed in the village of Yorkville by a vote of 44-12.

Voters also approved a 2.5-mill levy to fund the Eastern Ohio Regional Transit Authority for five years. A total of 1,042 residents voted in favor, and 670 voted against.

In Monroe County, voters in the village of Woodsfield rejected the request for an additional 0.5-percent income tax in the village with a vote of 124 in favor and 249 against.