Boot Stomping Leaves Man With Facial Fractures

MOUNDSVILLE – A man’s face was left with a visible boot print and several injuries after he was assaulted at a Moundsville bar Wednesday.

The incident occurred at Nick’s Lounge off W.Va. 2 in Moundsville. Hugh Jonathan Morgan, 31, of Crawford, Fla., and Derek Riley Babb, 27, of Bald Knob, Ark., were arrested Thursday in connection to the assault. They are each charged with malicious assault.

According to the criminal complaint filed against Morgan and Babb, law enforcement received a call at about 4:10 p.m. Wednesday from Shayne Issac Smith, no age or address listed, reporting he had been assaulted by three men and was outside on the ground toward the road. Officers discovered Smith lying at the bottom of the walkway ramp leading up to the bar with obvious injuries to his face and head.

Smith reported being in severe pain and was unable to provide more information at the time. He was taken to Wheeling Hospital.

The report states Smith suffered multiple fractures to his face and eye socket, was bleeding behind an eye and had several other injuries. Additionally, a visible boot print was starting to appear on his face as it was starting to bruise.

During an interview with officers, Smith identified Morgan as one of the attackers who punched and kicked him outside the bar.

The bar’s video surveillance confirmed the altercation began inside the bar with a man striking Smith in the face. According to the complaint, a man can be seen tackling and choking Smith onto the floor until they are separated. The video then shows another man escort Smith outside the bar onto the deck area and then leave in a car.

Smith is then seen standing on the deck talking on his cellphone for several minutes until two men leave the bar and start yelling at him. The video shows one of the men punch Smith in the face and the two men begin repeatedly hitting and kicking him in the face, head and back.

The complaint states the assault lasted a few minutes and then the defendants left Smith lying on his back rolling around the deck. The defendants then allegedly went back into the bar and then came back out to drag Smith down the ramp to the edge of the parking lot.

The video shows the two men then left the scene in a black Chevrolet truck. While on patrol Thursday, officers located a truck with a Wisconsin license plate traveling on W.Va. 2 matching the vehicle in the video.

During a traffic stop, officers asked the driver about the assault and he admitted to being there and kicking and hitting the victim a few times.

Preliminary hearings for Morgan and Babb were not set as of Friday.