Officials Accept Pay Raises

MOUNDSVILLE – Thanks to approval from the West Virginia Legislature and State Auditor Glen Gainer, Marshall County elected officials are able to sign to accept 12-percent pay raises July 1.

During Tuesday’s Marshall County Commission meeting, County Clerk Jan Pest said all elected officials – commissioners Don Mason, Brian Schambach and Bob Miller, Sheriff Kevin Cecil, Prosecutor Jeffrey D. Cramer, Assessor Christopher Kessler, Circuit Clerk David Ealy and herself – signed the statements needed to receive the salary increases.

“The last time we got raises was in 2006,” Pest said.

Last month, commissioners voted to send the required financial information to Gainer so he could determine if the county had sufficient funding to support the raises. This was not a problem in Marshall County, as billions of dollars worth of investments by oil and natural gas companies are significantly increasing property tax flows.

Senate President Jeff Kessler, D-Marshall, introduced Senate Bill 1005 that Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin signed into law March 31.

The legislation states elected county leaders receive new tasks each year, and the new and additional duties imposed upon justify the increases in compensation.

Earlier this year, commissioners voted to give all full-time employees $1,500 pay raises as part of the fiscal 2015 budget of $17.1 million. Commissioners were able to do this while simultaneously reducing the levy rates for local landowners.

Also Tuesday, Mounds-ville Councilman Phil Remke appeared at the meeting, and Schambach commended Remke’s efforts to reduce heavy truck traffic in the city.

Commissioners will next meet at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday at the courthouse on Seventh Street.