Police Search for Steubenville Murder Suspects

STEUBENVILLE – Law enforcement officials searched a LaBelle neighborhood house Monday afternoon for two people believed to be involved in the late Saturday night shooting of a 22-year old Newark, New Jersey man.

“Our department and the city police are following up on information we have received during the investigation of Andrew Estes Saturday night. We had information that the suspects involved in the shooting stayed at this house Saturday and Sunday nights. That is why we obtained and executed a search warrant this afternoon,” Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said. “We have some pretty solid information and we believe we know who the suspects are. We are not releasing their names at this time but our investigation is continuing.”

Abdalla said the residents of the house were cooperative with the police.

Estes died Sunday in a Pittsburgh hospital after he was shot while standing on a porch Saturday evening in the 700 block of Rosswell Avenue, according to Steubenville police officials. Estes was standing on the porch at a house at 722 Rosswell Avenue with another man when shots were fired at about 11:42 p.m. Saturday. The other man ran inside, and, when he came back out, discovered Estes had been shot.

Police believe Estes was shot at least once in the head or neck area.

There were no other witnesses to the shooting, and spent shell casings were discovered down the street from the home, police reported.

Estes has had involvements with City Police since 2010, mainly traffic stops for driving with a suspended license. Police do not know if he had a local address.

“The city police department has been working around the clock since the shooting occurred and we were asked to assist them today with this search warrant,” Abdalla said.

Also participating in the search of the house were Juvenile Court Chief Probation Officer Fred Abdalla Jr., Assistant U.S. Marshall Chad Simpson and members of the Jefferson County Special Response Team. Police are asking if anyone has information about the shooting to call the department at 740-283-6090.