Man Was Wearing Nothing but a Leash

WHEELING – Imagine driving down the road, possibly on the way to work, and looking out the window only to see … a naked man, on all fours, being walked on a leash.

That scenario played out Tuesday morning in Ohio County.

At 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of a woman walking a naked man around the yard on a leash outside a Roney’s Point residence between Valley Grove and Triadelphia.

Deputy Nelson Croft said a passerby called police after seeing the couple in the yard.

“It’s a case of consenting adults having outdoor sex,” Croft said, describing it as kinky. “We referred it to the prosecutor’s office for consideration of an indecent exposure charge.”

He said the woman apparently was dressed and leading the naked man around the yard on his hands and knees. Croft said no charges were filed at the scene because deputies did not witness the event. According to Croft, the Washington County, Pa., couple was visiting friends.

“They were both dressed and in the house when we got there,” he said.

Prosecutor Scott Smith has not decided whether he will bring charges against the couple. Smith said he had not yet seen the official report and would not make a determination on potential charges until he had reviewed the case.

“Sometimes it takes a day or two for deputies to submit the paperwork,” he said. “Indecent exposure occurs when a person intentionally exposes his sex organs knowing that the conduct is likely to insult or alarm the public.”

According to West Virginia law, a person is guilty of indecent exposure when they intentionally expose their sex organs or the sex organs of another person, or engage in any overt act of sexual gratification. According to the law, it is not considered indecent exposure for a mother to breast feed a child in any location, public or private.

Depending on the severity of the charge, a person found guilty of indecent exposure can be fined up to $500 and sentenced to jail for up to one year.