Meth Lab Bust Is Largest to Date

BELLAIRE – The Belmont County Drug Task Force uncovered an abandoned house that contained 70 one-pot meth labs Sunday evening.

A Belmont County deputy responding to a call was informed about a suspected drug house located at 57180 High Ridge Road, just outside of Bellaire.

The deputy noticed that the door of the house was kicked in. Upon entering the house, he discovered the labs, and called in the Drug Task Force. The task force received the call just after 10 p.m. and was still on the scene this morning.

Because of the size of the labs, Chempak, which is a contractor for the Drug Enforcement Administration, was called in for assistance. No one had been taken into custody as of press time, but the task force has a person of interest.

This is reportedly the largest meth lab the Drug Task Force has encountered. The ingredients used in making meth can be extremely dangerous and pose serious health risks to anyone exposed. There is a high risk of fire and or explosions in meth labs.

“This has been a very large operation. Our main goal right now is to find the people responsible for this operation,” said Belmont County Drug Task Force Commander John McFarland. “The meth demand is moving faster and getting larger in Belmont County. The Drug Task Force will continue to be proactive and take an aggressive approach at dealing with the people responsible for these meth labs and other drug dealings through the county.”

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation also assisted the Drug Task Force.

“My guys have been at this all night and will be dealing with it half of the day today even though one is on vacation and another one has the day off,” said McFarland.