Remke Standing Ground

Moundsville City Councilman Phil Remke faces re-election on Nov. 4 – and he believes some of his fellow council members want to see him replaced.

“You know what happens when you put a bear into the corner,” Remke said immediately before council adjourned its Tuesday meeting. “He comes out fighting.”

Remke’s comments came after council held a 15-minute executive session to discuss real estate. No comments were made by members of council on the matter, or following Remke’s statement.

After the session Tuesday, Remke said he knows some of the fellow members do not approve of how he conducts himself as a councilman.

“They are after me,” he said. “They are concerned with the way that I handle things.”

In council business Tuesday, in response to the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources closing the boat dock area along the Ohio River on 13th Street, Councilwoman Ginger DeWitt asked City Manager Deanna Hess about the problem. DNR officials may take until next year to re-open the area, which is under the auspices of their agency.

“For years, the city has cleaned that debris up. What is it an issue now?,” DeWitt asked.

Hess said the matter is in the hands of the DNR, adding the city is doing all it can to encourage state officials to hurry.

In another matter, Vice Mayor David Wood said council needs to decide how it will make its presentation to the Municipal Home Rule Board in Wheeling at 8 a.m. Aug. 11. He said he believes the manner in which the city handles this will be key in determining if Moundsville is one of the 16 cities selected to participate.

Council also approved a resolution to adopt the city’s new comprehensive plan. Council did this originally in May, but City Attorney Thomas White suggested members hold a second reading to allow for public comment on the plan.

Although no one commented Tuesday, Wood emphasized many community members worked on the plan for more than two years.

“This culminates many days and hours of work,” he said.

Mayor Eugene Saunders and Councilman Mark Simms were absent from Tuesday’s meeting.