Jeanine Pirro Says America Is Too Politically Correct During Steubenville Speech

STEUBENVILLE — Fox News legal analyst Jeanine Pirro blasted what she views as an overabundance of political correctness in America and claimed the Black Lives Matter movement was created “to rip this country apart” during a speech Monday at Steubenville High School.

During her hour-long address in the latest installment of the Herald-Star Speaker Series, Pirro — host of “Justice with Judge Jeanine” — also called Donald Trump’s lewd comments about women from a 2005 video “despicable,” but said there’s a difference between words and actual action.

“This election is about the establishment versus an outsider.

“I have never seen our country as divided as it is today,” said Pirro, who attended the presidential debate in St. Louis on Sunday night.

“The candidates walked onto the stage Sunday night. Hillary was nervous, and Bill (Clinton) was nervous. I thought Donald did a good job. He is my friend. What he said (in the video) was despicable. But he never did anything. There is a difference between words and putting them into action. What is at stake here is this country and where we are headed.”

Pirro said “what is happening in Washington is corruption personified.”

“Bernie Sanders lost (the Democratic primary) because the superdelegate system is rigged. Bernie Sanders said he was a socialist, and they loved him. If Bernie Sanders had won that election, the millenials would have put him in office because they are stupid. We have to take this country back,” she said.

Pirro is a former district attorney in New York who grew up in Elmyra, N.Y.

“I worked in the family dairy and went to Catholic schools. I knew I wanted to go to law school, but I didn’t want to be a defense attorney. I wanted to defend the victims. I went to law school to learn about truth and justice. The first thing I saw was women and children were not treated equally,” she said.

Pirro also said America must get tougher on immigration.

“We can’t ban people from our country based on their religion. But we can ban people based on their background,” Pirro said. “Local officials are not being told where the refugees are being sent in this country. You would think other Arab countries would take them but they aren’t.

“We are fighting a theology that believes they should control every part of government. … We could have identified terrorists if we weren’t so scared of being called an Islamophobe. Russia told us about the Boston bombers and the FBI didn’t listen.”

She answered questions submitted by the sold-out audience, including a request for advice from new police officers.

“I have worked with cops for 30 years. The vast majority of America loves you, appreciates you and honors you. You have to take care of each other.

“This Black Lives Matter (movement) is nothing more than an anarchist organization to rip this country apart. Michael Brown in Ferguson, (Mo.), was nothing more than a thug. He got what he deserved. Be true to the badge and be true to yourself,” Pirro said.

“It is about right or wrong and truth and justice. Cops are the line of difference between anarchy and civilization. We have to fight the heroin crisis. It is about making judges accountable and people accountable,” she added.

Pirro also was asked about potential voter fraud in the upcoming presidential election.

“This election is about the Supreme Court, and (Trump) is not talking that far out of it when he warns of voter fraud,” Pirro said.

Pirro told the audience she enjoyed visiting Steubenville because “you have a church on every corner and you are all about God and education and a place where you can buy a decent tomato.”


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