Joint Drug Probe Nets Six Arrests

TORONTO — The Jefferson County Prosecutor’s office is expected to review formal charges today against six people who were arrested Saturday night on a laundry list of drug charges.

Toronto Police Capt. Rick Parker said his department, in conjunction with the Jefferson County Joint Drug Task Force and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, had a city residence under surveillance for the past several days, “and we were seeing several vehicles with out-of-state plates stopping at the house.”

“We received information Saturday regarding a vehicle with Virginia plates offering heroin and methamphetamine for sale in Toronto. Our officers located the vehicle and stopped and discovered a substantial amount of methamphetamine and heroin as well as a set of scales and arrested two suspects,” explained Parker.

“We then went to the house at 418 N. Sixth St. where we recovered methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia and arrested another three suspects, including the property owner and a female from Virginia. Another male suspect was arrested on Madison Avenue in Toronto. We then went to 130 Rosslyn Blvd. in Steubenville, where we found a portable-type meth lab,” said Parker.

Parker said James Purkey, 34, of Covington, Va.; Eric Hartline, 47, 418 N. Sixth St., Toronto; Kenneth Tucker Jr., 46, 418 N. Sixth St., Toronto; Michelle R. Brookman, 33, of Virginia; Aaron J. Korbel, 36, Wellsville; and Christopher Reid, 38 130 Rosslyn Blvd. are all being held in the Jefferson County jail without bond.

“We believe one of the local suspects had a connection to the people from Virginia. They come in and set up a mobile meth lab, usually in a rural area or small community where they hope to remain undetected,” Parker explained.

“We can’t do our job with the help of the public. Taxpayers should never have to put up with this type of behavior in their neighborhoods. We appreciate all of the tips we receive from our residents,” Parker stated.