Wheeling Boy Scouts Learn A Patriotic Lesson

Photos by Heather Ziegler Troop 6 Boy Scouts from Vance Church in Wheeling salute the flag.

WHEELING — The temperature hovered near 90 degrees on an evening last week when a group of Boy Scouts stood at attention as a large American flag was lowered to the ground.

Boy Scout Troop 6 from Vance Church in Wheeling removed and properly retired a tattered flag from the flagpole at Perkins Restaurant and Bakery in Wheeling on Tuesday. Then, with all the pomp and circumstance afforded a proper flag raising, they hoisted a new, large flag to take its place.

The ceremony was part of their learning to be proper Scouts. Proud parents and scoutmasters said it was a good lesson for everyone.

The scouts, their leaders and several parents met in the parking lot where the troop conducted the ceremony while customers watched. Four scouts — Max Warnick, Logan Prince, Michael Drury and Luke Phillips, were tasked with taking down the old flag, properly folding it and presenting it to their scout leader, Chris Lee.

They then unfurled the new flag and, with great reverence and precision, raised the new flag high above the parking lot.

The flagpole is properly lit to allow the flag to fly both day and night.

The remainder of the Boy Scout troop stood in formation and saluted the flags as one was removed and the other raised. The ceremony was held with the blessing of Perkins’ owner Frank Carolla.

After the ceremony, 16-year-old Warnick said the ceremony was important for several reasons. Most important, he said, are the American values embraced by the Boy Scouts. Those values include patriotic pride, he said.

“It’s important for American values to remain, especially now. … American values are at the forefront of our organization,” Warnick, a student at Wheeling Park High School, said.

He said the Scouts are taught to handle the flag with respect and “we want to always do it right and never let the flag touch the ground.”

It would never occur to a Boy Scout not to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance or the national anthem, he said.

Warner encourages others interested in joining the Scouts to attend meetings held on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. at Vance Presbyterian Church on National Road in Woodsdale.