VIDEO: White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders Talks About Random Act of Kindness Performed by Wheeling’s St. Matthews Episcopal Church

Comments came during Thursday's press briefing

WASHINGTON, D.C. — White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders today, during the press briefing, spent about a minute discussing St. Matthews Episcopal Church in Wheeling, where the church used a 100-year-old fund set up to help families at Christmas to pay for the layaway at Wal-Mart for a number of area residents. The video lasts about a minute, and a full transcript is below. A full story on the fund, and what the church has been doing over the years, will appear in Friday’s edition of The Intelligencer.

“I like to start with St. Matthews Episcopal Church in Wheeling, W.Va. The story starts over 100 years ago when a young girl tragically died around the Christmas season, and her family donated money to the church in her honor, and asked that the money be used for children at Christmas. What they may not have realized at the time was that this act of kindness in the midst of incredible heartache would bless countless children for the next century. To this day, St. Matthews continues helping children and families during the Christmas season. They usually do it anonymously, but word of their generosity spread through social media this year. At the local Wal-Mart, numerous families will come to pay for Christmas toys they put on layaway and be told there’s no need, because it’s already been paid in full. There will so many acts of generosity and kindness that go unnoticed this Xmas season, and that’s OK. St. Matthews Church wasn’t looking for credit and neither are so many others, but these stories are important because they remind us what this season is all about, and that’s the greatest gift of all, that a Savior was born, and hopefully we can all focus and take time out of our busy schedules to enjoy the Christmas season or however you may celebrate.”