Worker Dies at MarkWest Site in Ohio County

WHEELING –A construction worker died as a result of an accident at a MarkWest Energy pipeline site along GC&P Road in Ohio County Thursday afternoon, according to Sheriff Tom Howard.

Howard said the worker, who is from out of the area, died after a collision with an excavator. He did not immediately identify the victim.

“There was a fatality and we are doing an investigation right now,” Howard said. “There’s not a whole lot to release at this point and we still need to finish our investigation.”

Howard said contractors as well as subcontractors were at the site during the investigation. No other individuals were injured on the scene along GC&P Road between Dement and McGraw’s Run roads.

MarkWest operates numerous natural gas processing plants and compressor stations in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia, including the Majorsville complex in eastern Marshall County.

In a prepared statement, MarkWest officials said, “Work on this project was immediately suspended and MarkWest issued a safety stand-down on all similar work sites across the tri-state region while we thoroughly investigate this tragic event.”