Ambulances To Cost Marshall County Almost $500,000

Marshall County Gets Approval For $490,000

MOUNDSVILLE –The process of outfitting Marshall County EMS to include the new coverage area in Moundsville gained ground this week, as county commissioners approved the purchase of two ambulances, as well as the equipment to stock them.

Recently, Marshall County EMS was notified by email that, effective immediately, Emergency Site Protection would close. This service had operated on an alternating schedule with Tri-State Ambulance Service to provide EMS coverage to the western parts of Marshall County.

The service area stretched from Benwood to Moundsville, and east as far as Limestone.

The next week, in January, the commission expanded Marshall County EMS to take over the coverage area formerly overseen by ESP, approving the hire of several employees to operate out of the Public Safety Building on Seventh Street.

Tuesday, commissioners approved the purchase of two new ambulances from Morgantown-based J&J Emergency Vehicles, at a cost of $396,000 for the two. They also agreed to spend $94,000 to equip the vehicles.

County Administrator Betsy Frohnapfel said the equipment will exceed state requirements for ambulances. It will include an automatic CPR device, which is useful when transporting residents from distant parts of the county.

“The automatic CPR devices make it easier when you’re working in rural areas,” Frohnapfel said. “It does the compressions. That makes it easier for the EMTs and the medics to do what else they need to do, especially on trauma patients. You do compressions from Georgetown, into Reynolds (Memorial Hospital in Glen Dale) or another hospital, you’re exhausted. It’s to the benefit of both our employees and the residents who would need them.”

In addition to the equipment and vehicles, six full-time paramdics and EMTs are set to be hired in the coming weeks, which Frohnapfel would cost an additional $1.1 million to cover salaries, insurance, and other expenses for the first year of service.

Earlier in the month, two part-time EMTs and medics were hired to continue normal staffing within Marshall County EMS, in addition to covering a 24-hour shift for the Moundsville coverage area.