Man Found Dead on Trail Was an Illegal Immigrant

The Ohio County Sheriff’s Department has released the name of a man whose body was found along the walking trail adjacent to W.Va. 2 in Ohio County.

According to Sheriff Tom Howard, the deceased male’s name is Paramjit Singh and he is a native of India. Singh is from the village of Pulpukta, which is located in the district of Hoshiarput and the region of Punjab.

According to reports, Singh entered the United States in 2010 after going through the entry procedures and was denied entry. “A removal order was issued in 2014, but he was not picked up yet.

He arrived on a bus from Missouri headed to Baltimore (and) for unknown reasons, he exited the bus in Wheeling,” Howard said in a recent release.

According to Howard, the Wheeling Police Department made contact with Singh the day he exited the bus.

Wheeling Police Department spokesman Philip Stahl has confirmed Howard’s comments.

“We did have contact with that guy in the Warwood area. He was walking in the street and the police told him to get back on the sidewalk. I guess the (police officer) recognized him once this news broke, but it was innocent contact,” Stahl said.

Officials did not have any other information on Singh up until his body was discovered near the coal mine tipple on W.Va. 2 on Jan. 21. A jogger noticed the body. No weapons were found on the scene during investigations and the cause of death has been listed as hypothermia on the death certificate.

Singh’s family, including his mother, father, wife and three children, have been made aware of his death.

All notified family members reside in India. The Embassy of India has been contacted, with all medical information being forwarded to the medical examiner in Charleston.