The Ohio Valley: A Great Place to Live

Six-section publication begins today, continues through Wednesday

WHEELING — The Upper Ohio Valley is our home. It’s where we live, worship, play, learn, earn and shop.

That’s the thinking behind our annual progress edition that starts inside today’s paper — six sections over three days that explore the many facets of life in the Ohio Valley.

Today, we examine the places we work through the “How We Earn” section, and we also look at many of our area churces in our “How We Worship” section.

That’s followed by “How We Live” and “How We Learn” on Tuesday, which focus on our health and education, respectively, and “How We Play” and “How We Shop” on Wednesday.

In all, it’s 72 pages of information on how life is lived in the Ohio Valley.

Natural gas and coal continue to help shape the area’s identity, as drilling in the Marcellus and Utica shale formations has brought untold riches to many. Tens of billions of dollars are being spent locally to fuel the natural gas bonanza, which has led to new business and employment opportunities.

Public education historically has given our region a strong identity, but new statewide standards are putting a strain on parents and some teachers. Higher education locally is moving to service adults seeking to get their degree as well as recent graduates, which will help in locating new business to our region.

Along Interstate 70 in Ohio County is The Highlands, a retail development that is seeing record sales and smooth sailing.

The same can be said for the Ohio Valley Mall along I-70 in Belmont County.

Young professionals are returning to the region to make their mark. Historic venues have a renewed sense of purpose — and a new mission. The region continues to be strong in the arts — and our public park system is second to none.

“The Ohio Valley is a great place to live, and we explore many aspects of our region over the next few days in this special publication,” said John McCabe, managing editor of The Intelligencer and Wheeling News-Register. “We believe the information we’ve gathered will help each of you to be better informed about your community, and the many wonderful things the Ohio Valley has to offer. We’re excited to present this to you, our readers, and hope you find it useful in your daily lives.”


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