Woman Facing Charges After Police Cruiser Theft in Wheeling

WHEELING — Two Wheeling police officers were treated at Ohio Valley Medical Center early today after an Ohio woman allegedly stole a police cruiser and then rammed it into officers in a second cruiser in North Wheeling.

According to reports,Wheeling police officers responded to the 600 block of Market Street for a domestic disturbance, possibly involving someone with a knife, inside an apartment, at about 2:36 a.m. today.

When officers arrived on scene, a female, identified as Cathy Yvonne Whiting, 37, of Toronto, was outside pointing and screaming “someone was trying to kill us.” As officers entered the apartment, they discovered that Whiting was the problem that prompted the call to 911.

Shortly after, Whiting stole a police cruiser, fleeing the scene, driving north on Market Street. Officers were able to catch up with Whiting, who intentionally rammed into another cruiser on Sixth Street. She then fled again, before being arrested in the 400 block of Main Street.

Two officers were taken to Ohio Valley Medical Center for non-life-threatening injuries and were later released. Additional officers were assaulted at the hospital by Whiting as she was undergoing a medical evaluation.

Whiting is charged with grand larceny, destruction of property, nighttime burglary, malicious assault on a police office, reckless fleeing in a vehicle and DUI causing personal injury.

Wheeling Police Department spokesman Philip Stahl said Whiting reportedly was trying to force her way into a neighbor’s apartment, prompting the burglary charge.