Conference Committee To Meet Again Tuesday Morning

WHEELING — The West Virginia Senate has offered the House of Delegates a compromise of a pay raise bill affecting State Police, public school teachers and school service personnel, according to Senate Majority Leader Ryan Ferns, R-Ohio.

Ferns, chairman of a conference committee on House Bill 4145, announced the compromise during a committee meeting ending just before 9 p.m. He offered no additional details on the compromise, saying House members had yet to caucus on the proposal.

House members on the committee, however, indicated the House would stand firm on its position to give the State Police and school employees a 5 percent raise.

Senate members wish to give them and all state employees a 4 percent raise.

The conference committee agreed to next meet at 9 a.m. Tuesday.

Also today, teachers, school employees and their supporters formed a human chain around the state Capitol, necessitating Capitol Police to close down entry to the building.