Greyhound: No Plans To Return To Intermodal

WHEELING — Amid the ongoing controversy of the Greyhound bus stop in Wheeling, a spokeswoman for the company’s corporate office said there are no plans to return the station to the Robert C. Byrd Intermodal Transportation Center on Main Street.

“We don’t have plans at this time to move to the intermodal,” Greyhound spokeswoman Lanesha Gipson said.

Gipson said the bus company plans to continue stopping on Market Street in front of the McLure Hotel five times per day.

Earlier this week, Wheeling Vice Mayor Chad Thalman and Wheeling Convention and Visitors Bureau Marketing Director Olivia Litman said there had been discussions about moving the Greyhound stop from Market Street to the intermodal, with the CVB serving as the bus company’s ticket agency.

While this may be in discussion, Gipson said there are currently no plans for this to actually take place.

Patrick Viola operates the Wheeling Greyhound ticket office from his Security Travel business at 1207 Market St. However, since Christmas week, the buses have been stopping in front of the McLure Hotel on the other side of the street.

“It’s not pretty. It’s been a headache from day one,” McLure general manager Nicole Skapik said. “We’ve had people cuss at us when we tell them they can’t be in the lobby. I’m sorry, but we’re not a bus station.”

On the front door of the McLure is a sign stating the business is not affiliated with Greyhound. This is similar to the sign Vagabond Kitchen owner and chef Matt Welsch previously placed on his front door.

“No property owner wants it by their building,” Thalman said. “No matter what we do, someone is going to be upset.”

The lack of a Greyhound bus station has proven problematic. Viola allows passengers to wait inside his office while they are waiting for the bus, but some passengers fear the driver will just keep going if they don’t see someone standing outside.

Formerly, the Greyhound franchise occupied the ground level of the Main Street side of the intermodal. Eventually, those who controlled the franchise moved out of the garage, leaving this area vacant.

Viola said he took over the city’s Greyhound ticket office in 2014 when no one else wanted it. Because the corner space at 12th and Market streets had been vacant for so long, few noticed when the Greyhound stop moved to an existing loading zone on the south side of 12th Street, which is just up the street from Viola’s 1207 Market St. shop.

That changed last year with the opening of the Vagabond Kitchen at the 12th and Market street location.


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