Juveniles Arrested for Break-In at Weir High School

WEIRTON — School is canceled today at Weir High School following a break-in Saturday night that resulted in multiple broken windows, demolished computers and hard drives, and other damage that is still being assessed.

Officers with the Weirton Police Department arrested two juveniles Sunday who were identified on security footage as being involved with the break-in, according to Hancock County Schools Superintendent Tim Woodward

“Most school systems understand that people who would break in would try to take or destroy the (digital video recorders), so we do have backup,” he said. “We were able to see them very clearly.”

There are backup cameras that come on when motion in the school is detected, and the cameras can record up to six months of footage before they start to record over what was recorded in the past, Woodward explained.

Classes are canceled at Weir High School today as school employees assess what property has been destroyed, and what is missing from the school.

Insurance adjusters also are coming in to assess damages, and there is a considerable amount of glass to clean up. Windows were broken, and some television screens were smashed, according to Woodward.

He said he could not yet put a dollar amount on the damage caused by the break-in, but he described it as “extensive.”

Woodward said the school was entered after some exterior windows were broken and removed. DVRs that were attached to the security cameras at the school were destroyed, and their hard drives extracted.

Money was stolen from some classrooms where it was known cash was being kept, he said. Prom ticket sales were targeted.

The nurse’s office was entered, and medications in lockboxes was stolen.

Woodward said the missing computer hard drives were recovered where they were dumped on a nearby street, and teachers’ personal items also were discovered.

Hancock County Schools has on the ballot May 8 the renewal of a $9 million bond levy, and Woodward said the school district has plans to use the money to improve school security if voters pass the bond issue.


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