Hard Work Pays Off For Ohio County Students

Wheeling Park High School seniors who won 2018 George E. Stifel Awards on Tuesday include, first row from left, Morgan Glass, Hinal Pujara, Mary Prather, Sarah Horsky and Beighley Ayers; second row, Sarah Ihlenfeld, Ashley Futey, Rebekah Horsky, Allison Holmstrand, Rebecca Erwin and Abigail Delk, third row, Grace Myers, Katherine Leary, and Joshua Weigand. Not pictured are Paushaly Sau and Jordan Cox. Photo by Scott McCloskey

WHEELING — A total of $134,500 was awarded to Ohio County Schools’ top academic students in fifth through 12th grades at the 2018 Stifel Awards Ceremony held at Wheeling Park High School’s J.B. Chambers Performing Arts Center on Tuesday night.

Businessman and philanthropist George E. Stifel started the endowment 92 years ago to encourage education among students in Ohio County’s public schools.

Ohio County Schools Superintendent Kim Miller, along with Joan Stamp, Paula McClure and Diane Crowl — relatives of Stifel by blood or marriage — shook more than 200 hands as they congratulated this year’s winners.

New this year, they also bestowed department scholar awards to seven high school students. Faculty in each department selected exemplary students in the subject areas of career tech, science, English, fine/performing arts, social studies, math, and world language.

Miller welcomed a large crowd of recipients and families to the ceremony.

“Stifel said that education is worth the ambition, patient work and sacrifice, which it may require,” Miller said.

Stifel Awards are given based on each student’s grade point average combined with his or her performance on standardized tests.

Students were told prior to the awards program that they were receiving an award, but they were not told their rank, so they anxiously waited on the right side of the stage, as one by one, their classmates were called to the stage, leaving the first place scholar for last.

Morgan Glass was the final senior standing on stage and she received $2,100 for earning first place in her class.

Glass said that she is going to buy a laptop to take with her to study biochemistry in the fall at West Virginia University. Glass’ best friend, Sarah Ihlenfeld, received second place and $1,800. Ihlenfeld also plans to purchase a laptop to use while studying international relations at Georgetown University.

The friends said they would study together over the years at Panera Bread and Glass advised any student that might want to try for a Stifel Award next year to “get a best friend and study together.”

“Last year, she (Ihlenfeld) won, this year, I did. I have worked hard in the classroom and that showed up on the test,” Glass said.

Two siblings from Warwood School also brought home top honors. Jillian Huffman, a seventh grader was a first place winner and received $570; Jacob Huffman, an eighth grader won first place and received $630. Jillian Huffman said she is saving for college at West Liberty University, because she wants to be an elementary school teacher.

Jillian Huffman said, “Our parents pushed us to be our best, and having a good education really matters.”

Jacob Huffman was attending the Governor’s STEM Institute at WVU, so he was not present to accept his award.

Jillian Huffman advises all other students that want to be honored next year, “always do your best.”

Logan Frazier, from Wheeling Middle School, and Landon Frazier, from Ritchie Elementary, also are two brothers who each received an award Tuesday night.

Logan Frazier said it was his third year in a row winning a Stifel Award, and he was saving all of his money, including the $600 he received. However, Landon Frazier, did not agree with his older brother’s financial advice and said he was spending his earnings of $300 on video games.

Below is a full list of this year’s winners:


Fifth Grade

1st — Cameron Fullerton

2nd — Emaline Richter

3rd — Wyatt Brady

4th — Cambria Ketterer

5th — Audrey Diehl

6th — Jensyn Tush

7th — Aubree Ballard


Fifth Grade

1st — Trey Kocher

2nd — Alden Stauver

3rd — Ethan Rolling

4th — Jessica West

5th — Jade Purpura

6th — Landen Smeltz

7th — Kaylee Ross


Fifth Grade

1st — Angel Calissie

2nd — Aliyah Miller

3rd — Xavier Neider

4th — Kayleicia Shaw

5th — Dominic Purcell

6th — Gary Long

7th — Sharod Hodge


Fifth Grade

1st — Trenton Rosenthal

2nd — Zuri Litman

3rd — Hayden Coyne

4th — Levi Kreitzer-Parker

5th — Layce Fickey

6th — Ally Johnson

7th — Audrey Powers


Fifth Grade

1st — Isaac Swauger

2nd — Abagail Costain

3rd — Taylor Williams

4th — Landon Frazier

5th — Jahzeel Phillips

6th — Olivia Sheller

7th — McKenna Morris


Fifth Grade

1st — Haylen Cook

2nd — Kieran Moses

3rd — Isaak Nizami

4th — Sophia Connors

5th — Danielle Daugherty

6th — Samuel Kiger

7th — Jacob Murphy


Fifth Grade

1st — Kaleb Trimmier

2nd — Devon Perry

3rd — Isabelle Cox

4th — Zoe Warren

5th — Lela Owsley

6th — Allena Dalton

7th — Amber Yanchak

Sixth Grade

1st — Jillian Huffman

2nd — Kaleigh Miller

3rd — Camdyn Bachmann

4th — Xavier Millhouse

5th — Ella Benner

6th — Mikayla Stewart

7th — Garrett Mayle

Seventh Grade

1st — Jacob Huffman

2nd — Landin Blakely

3rd — Clayton Vargo

4th — Mya Watson

5th — Shariden Obloy

6th — Luke Myers

7th — Brett Phillips

Eighth Grade

1st — Eliza Aulick

2nd — Lauren Taylor

3rd — Jordan Lew

4th — Annalynn McCreary

5th — Kara Anderson

6th — Lillyah Blankenship

7th — Jenna Maguire


Fifth Grade

1st — John Fletcher

2nd — William Johnston III

3rd — Jacie Hall

4th — Jenna Medlen

5th — Noah Short

6th — William Walker

7th — Wesley Grall


Fifth Grade

1st — Harper Moores

2nd — Tiernan Cox

3rd — Reese Moores

4th — Mackenzie Kret

5th — Mia Castellucci

6th — Gaven Border

7th – Alice Newman


Sixth Grade

1st — Harrison Wolfe

2nd — Ayden Cottrill

3rd — Lance Miller III

4th — Jameson Maynard

5th — Lily Osborne

6th — Ryleigh Hicks

7th — Julia Kelly

Seventh Grade

1st — Sara Torbett

2nd — Makenna Kelly

3rd — Nadia Szymialis

4th — Adlie Abraham

5th — Koda Wheeler

6th — Faith Beck

7th — Olivia Kurtz

Eighth Grade

1st — Alexis Marsh

2nd tied — Lillian Croft

2nd tied — Madison Westfall

3rd — Braeden Keen

4th — Briana Schultz

5th — Kaylynn Hall

6th — Jacob Kuntz


Sixth Grade

1st — Grant Kenamond

2nd — Kathryn Prather

3rd — Merritt Delk

4th — Luke Dunaway

5th — Rachel Edinger

6th tied — Riley Collins

6th tied — Marin Hedges

Seventh Grade

1st — Jonah Nizami

2nd — Grant Simons

3rd — Ella Haller

4th — Reagan Olejasz

5th — Dylan Greene

6th tied — Elijah Miller

6th tied — Sloane Ren

Eighth Grade

1st — Mia Zecca

2nd — Chloe Holmes

3rd — Erica Edlinger

4th — Mia Suwaid

5th — Harper Aulick

6th — Charles Ihlenfeld

7th — Richard Montanye


Sixth Grade

1st — Jared Marsh

2nd — Jackson Kiziminski

3rd — Brennen Frey

4th — Alaina Ramos

5th — Zane West

6th — Kameryn Shanley

7th — Travis Gump

Seventh Grade

1st — Logan Frazier

2nd — Jocelyn Stone

3rd — James Kawasaki

4th — Gioni Ferguson

5th — Jacob Wolfe

6th — Brooke Sikole

7th — Abigail Sheller

Eighth Grade

1st — Kaden Cunningham

2nd — James Jacovetty

3rd — Kailynn Saunders

4th — Josie Long

5th — Nathan Shelek

6th — Layne Wade

7th — Jailah Walker


Ninth Grade

1st — Madison Morgan

2nd — Isabella Abernathy

3rd — Abby Turner

4th — Catherine Anderson

5th — Andrew Glass

6th — Caitlyn Fisher

7th — Graceylyn Hanna

8th — Collin Connor

9th — Noah Seivertson

10th — Fiona Hutchison

11th — Dreyah Deever

12th — Tessa Ullom

13th — Jacqueline Heil

14th — Azlyn Kurtz

15th — Egypt Davis

16th — Emmaly Cole

10th Grade

1st — Lydia Bischof

2nd — Leah Gaudino

3rd — McKenna Dunbar

4th — Emma Mattingly

5th — Michael Castellucci

6th — Justin Riggs

7th — Jillian Blair

8th — Emma Delk

9th — Emma Ihlenfeld

10th — Benjamin Dilliplane

11th — Daisy Reasbeck

12th — William Haller

13th — Adam Marquart

14th — Victoria Blanton

15th — Sidney Gebhardt

16th — Maggie DeLong

11th Grade

1st — Lillian Bischof

2nd — Ashley Linder

3rd — Marguerite Demasi

4th — Abigail Jones

5th — Melina McCabe

6th — Nathaniel Mountford

7th — Vance Mazure

8th — Brady Browning

9th — Deanna Crumm

10th — Erin Rice

11th — Alexander Dague

12th — Margaret Marra

13th — Sarah Heilman

14th — Luke Phillips

15th — Kiara Huggins

16th — Josha Hill

12th Grade

1st — Morgan Glass

2nd — Sarah Ihlenfeld

3rd — Allison Holmstrand

4th — Paushaly Sau

5th — Sarah Horsky

6th — Beighley Ayers

7th — Hinal Pujara

8th — Rebekah Horsky

9th — Ashley Futey

10th — Abigail Delk

11th — Mary Prather

12th — Rebecca Erwin

13th — Katherine Leary

14th — Grace Myers

15th — Jordan Cox

16th — Joshua Weigand

Department Scholars

Brooke Dierkes — Career Tech

Taylor Bolinger — English

Allison Holmstrand — Math

Fiona Zhang — Science

Dalton Greene — Social Studies

Mackenzie Border — World Language

Sarah Hedrick — Fine/Performing Arts