East Wheeling Slip ‘Looks Worse Than It Really Is’

Officials say it is one of many that need to be addressed

Photos by Joselyn King A section of retaining wall along McCullough Street in East Wheeling slipped earlier this month, which sent debris onto the walking trail below.

WHEELING — A road slip in East Wheeling along the walking trail isn’t as serious as it looks, although a city official said it is one of many slips in the city that needs to be addressed.

The East Wheeling slip happened as a result of the heavy rains occurring during the weekend of Sept. 8, said Russell “Rusty” Jebbia, Wheeling’s public works director.

A section of McCullough Street gave way and has fallen into the walking trail. The damage is especially visible to motorists exiting W.Va. 2/U.S. 250 at 16th Street into downtown Wheeling.

“The retaining wall has failed,” Jebbia said. “We will try to clean up as best as can for now. We’re in the design stage now for coming up with a new wall.”

He deemed the section of McCullough Street above the slip “still in good shape,” and he said it is safe to walk on the trail below.

“It looks worse than it really is,” he said.

City workers had intended to remove the debris Friday, but a piece of city-owned equipment needed for the work was being repaired. Jebbia said it was returned Friday afternoon, and the removal of stone should start Monday.

He isn’t certain yet how much the construction of a new wall will cost, but he believes it possibly could be done by city workers.

“I don’t think we’ll have to build one as high as what was there,” Jebbia said. “We will do some grading and take care of it.

“We might be able to do it in-house,” he said. “If so, maybe we can get it done before winter sets in.”

Jebbia estimates there are about nine retaining walls and slips in the city that need to be addressed. The most serious of these is on Glen Dale Heights Road, and there are two at Warwood Terrace.

Other slips can be found on Henderson Street, Grandview Street by the city water tanks, Brookside Drive, Kenney Street off of Romney Road, North Park and Angle Avenue.


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