Judge Finds Probable Cause in Toronto Shooting Case

STEUBENVILLE — Jefferson County Juvenile Court Judge Joseph Corabi found probable cause Thursday that two teens participated in an Aug. 18 shooting death in Toronto.

Dylan Monroe, 18, of Toronto, was riding in a vehicle that was stopped in the 500 block of North Seventh Street when he was shot twice.

Assistant Prosecutor Samuel Pate has filed motions to have Ka’Saun Carlock, 15, of Steubenville, and Jacob A. Gill, 16, of Toronto, bound over to adult court.

Two separate probable cause hearings were held Thursday in the case.

Carlock was charged with murder and aggravated robbery, each with a firearm specification, and tampering with evidence. Gill was charged with complicity to murder and complicity to aggravated robbery, each with a firearm specification, and tampering with evidence.

Logan J. Cain, 20, of Toronto, also has been charged in the case.

He faces charges of murder and aggravated robbery, each with a firearm specification, and tampering with evidence. His case was bound over to the grand jury after an earlier preliminary hearing in Toronto county court.

Ronald K. Workman, of Toronto, the fiance of Monroe’s mother, testified in juvenile court he was driving Monroe to a location where Monroe was going to sell a small bag of marijuana to two friends. Workman said Monroe told him to stop on North Seventh Street and three males approached the car.

Workman said Monroe held up the bag of marijuana and set it on his lap. Workman said the car window next to Monroe was halfway down. Workman said he heard two gunshots and quickly got out of the vehicle to chase the males.

Carlock and Cain ran away but Workman said he caught Gill. Workman said he called 911 and then drove Monroe to the Toronto Police station. An ambulance arrived to treat Monroe.

Monroe was flown to a Pittsburgh hospital, where he was pronounced dead two days later.

Workman on cross-examination by defense attorney Eric Reszke said Gill told him that he didn’t know Monroe was going to be shot. Workman said Gill had taken marijuana from Monroe without paying for it a week before the shooting.

Jason Hanlin, a special deputy with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, testified he was asked by Toronto Police to assist in the investigation after Hanlin drove his wife, Prosecutor Jane Hanlin, to the shooting scene.

Gill was interviewed Aug. 20 about the shooting and said all three defendants had planned to rob Monroe of the $60 of marijuana, Hanlin said. Gill said he knew Carlock had a gun, but the plan was for Carlock to pull the gun on Monroe, according to Hanlin.

Hanlin said the gun still hasn’t been found.

Reszke told Corabi there was no evidence of Gill participating in hiding the gun. Corabi agreed and didn’t find probable cause for the tampering with evidence charge.

Workman, during Carlock’s hearing identified Carlock as the shooter.

Hanlin said the three defendants headed north after the shooting and then went back south, where they were arrested about 300 yards from the shooting scene. Hanlin said the bag of marijuana was turned over to him Thursday by Workman.

Dr. W. Ashton Ennis, a forensic pathologist with the Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, medical examiner’s officer, testified the cause of death was two gunshot wounds to the torso. The manner of death was homicide, he said.

Corabi found probable cause on all the charges against Carlock.

Carlock’s defense attorney, Aaron Miller, agreed there was probable cause in the case, but noted a higher standard of guilty beyond a reasonable doubt would apply if the case is sent to the adult division.

A court-appointed psychologist will conduct evaluations of the two teens to determine if they are amenable to rehabilitation in the juvenile court system.


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