Summer Rules, Dogs Drool! Oglebay Pool Season Concludes with Puppy Love

Oglebay Pool Season Concludes with Puppy Love

WHEELING — The summer season at Oglebay Park’s Crispin Center Pool ended not with a whimper, but with a bark, during its sixth annual Drool at the Pool event.

Michael Potts, Oglebay’s director of facilities and recreation, said the event marked the end to a successful Labor Day weekend of activities.

“We had a great turnout this afternoon — of course, the good weather always makes it easy,” Potts said. “This was a great weekend with the hot weather. We had a great turnout. … All around, with Fort Henry Days, the symphony, the woodcarvers, it was a great time all around.”

Potts estimated about 200 dogs and 400 people — including dog owners and spectators — came out this year.

“We get the same customers year after year, they really enjoy bringing their dogs up,” he said. “We get a lot of people who come out just to watch.”

Hundreds of dogs and their owners waded in the pool. Some tossed rubber balls for their dogs to dive after. Many of the canine companions skirted around the edge of the water nervously.

Scott Kull and his daughter, Kristy, were among those tossing the ball. Their dog, Lucky, barked for more play while they threw the ball for him to chase. Although Lucky isn’t into competitive diving, Scott Kull said he was a water dog through-and-through.

“He had a hip operation at one time, but he loves to do this,” he said. “We bring him down all the time to play down at the river and other places. … This is our third year here.”