Mayor: Two Hotels, Bank Coming to Moundsville

MOUNDSVILLE — The city’s newly minted mayor quickly took charge Wednesday evening for his first council meeting, eager to announce new developments in and around town.

Mayor Phil Remke presented plans for three completed buildings — two hotels and a bank — alongside several proposed images for a redesigned town logo. The hotels, a Holiday Inn Express and a Marriott, are planned to occupy a 10.4-acre space adjacent to the Kroger Plaza on the south end of town. The bank, owned by Unified, will go at the intersection of Seventh Street and Tomlinson Avenue, adjacent to the current police station.

Remke gave springtime start dates for the Holiday Inn and the bank, with the other hotel awaiting an official announcement of PTT Global Chemical’s proposed ethane cracker plant at Dilles Bottom. Remke said the Holiday Inn, at least, had started looking to find a niche in Moundsville for more than 10 years, and only recently was able to confirm plans to build.

“The hotels actually started in 2005, and they couldn’t find anyone to take it and run with it,” he said. “In 2015, they tried, couldn’t do it. I was told in 2017 to see if I could do it, so I took it, ran with it, and we closed it last week. … It took a lot of work, but that’s what it takes, and I’m proud of it.”

The first hotel is set to be completed by November, while the bank is to be completed by year’s end.

Remke added that a steakhouse, a Japanese restaurant, and either an Italian or banquet-style restaurant would also be coming to the new strip. The land for the hotels was purchased by Florida-based MPH Hotels Inc., and the development would occur at no cost to the city.

Remke was unable to estimate the revenue these buildings would bring in, but pointed out that more than 250 rooms of lodging would contribute greatly to the city’s hotel-motel tax.

“I’m hoping to have a total of five hotels in Moundsville by the time we’re done,” Remke said. “It’s a big day for the city of Moundsville. Moundsville has not seen this development in many, many years, and we are so excited for what’s going to be happening this year. New hotels, restaurants wanting to come in, banks wanting to come in, and that’s just the first things.”

He added that he was pleased to be working with the new city manager, Rick Healy, and the council he has served alongside, and hopes to enjoy doing so in the future, now welcoming Sara Wood as a new face at the table.

Remke said that, going forward, Wood would serve to manage the city’s social media, while Councilwoman Ginger DeWitt would handle public relations.

Remke proposed a batch of new logos for the city, focusing on a new motto — “Unlocking the Future” — to be determined by voters at a later date.


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