Jeffery Crook Takes Over Full-Time as Brooke County Schools Superintendent

Interim Title Removed At School Gets Superintendent

WELLSBURG — The Brooke County School Board stripped the “interim” title from Jeffrey Crook and named him the permanent superintendent of the school district.

The board’s decision of a four-year contact for Crook was greeted by cheers from those in attendance at the board of education meeting Monday night.

Board member Antoinette Perkins brought the motion to hire Crook before the board.

“I feel strongly about the decision,” said Perkins. “I’m excited to see what happens down the road.”

Board President Theodore Pauls said Crook was hired because he not only deserved the position, but also earned it.

“He’s got the experience and has a very student-driven outlook,” Pauls said.

Pauls added that the board and community needs to move forward, and Crook is a strong motivating force.

“He already implemented several ideas for programs, both academic and athletic,” Pauls said about the former physical education teacher.

Crook promised the board that together they will continue to do everything possible to ensure the students and teachers have everything they need to succeed, such as implementing the Success for All program, which was also passed at Monday’s meeting.

Success for All is a school improvement program with a heavy focus on reading for elementary students.

“It is used in Steubenville and there have been improvements in scores,” said Crook. “It is a phenomenal program for our elementary kids.”

Board Vice President Stacy Hooper also supports the program.

“The students need it and deserve it,” Hooper said.

Crook noted he is excited to close out the school year strong and to keep the momentum going into the next year. He previously served as Marshall County Schools superintendent before he resigned from that position in February.

“I’ve only been here a short amount of time — three months,” Crook said. “I am both humbled and appreciative of the new position. I’ve gotten to know the community, and it’s been great. I’m pumped, I’m ready.”

The board of education will be screening applicants for the position of deputy superintendent on Friday.


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