Moundsville Water Officials Merit Praise

Normally, we use the “Pats on the Back” section of these columns to commend public officials when they do something especially good. But such mention isn’t adequate for something that was in the news last week.

When was the last $15,788,000 public works project that you recall being completed with the amount of money budgeted for it? Been a while, hasn’t it?

But that is just what has happened in Moundsville. There, a new water treatment plant is nearly ready for use — and it is being completed at the slightly less than the $15,788,000 price originally set for the work.

Like most government projects, the Moundsville water plant budget included contingency funds in addition to the base price. Money from such funds usually is needed to complete public works projects. But in Moundsville, the $288,700 contingency fund, along with some $130,000 actually saved in project costs by making two minor changes, will be available to make several important upgrades that should save money in the long run at the water plant.

Clearly, everyone involved in the project worked hard to ensure that taxpayers got their money’s worth. Contractors deserve to be commended — as do members of the Moundsville Water Board and Water Superintendent Jim Woods.

By working hard and conscientiously to avoid pouring taxpayers’ money down the drain, public officials involved in the project have earned the thanks of Moundsville water customers. We hope the project serves as a model for other public works programs in our area.