McCain Represents Conservative Values

Perhaps the most puzzling question in American politics today is not how the race for president will play out, but why so many self-described conservatives continue to insist that they cannot support Sen. John McCain.

It is certain that McCain, R-Ariz., will be the Republican Party’s nominee for president. He will face either Sen. Hillary Clinton or Sen. Barack Obama, who are contending for the Democratic Party nod.

But some conservatives, who traditionally have favored the Republican nominee, have said that they cannot bring themselves to support McCain. They cite differences of opinion on certain issues, ranging from taxes to immigration.

McCain has been endorsed warmly by a variety of Republican leaders — some of whom have disagreed strongly with him in the past. They recognize that, from the perspective of true conservatives, McCain is far preferable to Obama or Clinton.

That seems obvious. Yet a few hard-liners continue to adopt the immature attitude that, in effect, if the game isn’t played by their rules, they will take their ball bats and go home.

That’s absurd. This isn’t a game. Hard-line conservatives who pursue a vendetta against McCain risk doing our country a terrible disservice. They should rally around McCain now — and not play into the hands of Clinton or Obama.