Taxpayers Won’t Fall for Clinton Line

Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama seem to be locked in a race to increase the size of the entitlement class in America — regardless of the cost to taxpayers.

An example of Clinton’s campaign of pandering was provided last week, when former President Bill Clinton stopped at West Virginia University in Morgantown. He wowed students there with pledges that if his wife is elected president, gigantic new programs will be established to help students and their families.

It all sounds good to those who would rather have taxpayers cover as much of the costs of their college educations as possible, of course. In particular, Clinton’s proposal for new higher education tax credits of about $3,500 a year is appealing.

But who pays the bill for Clinton’s proposed new entitlement? Taxpayers, of course — and the tab has been estimated at about $8 billion a year.

Pledges intended to attract young voters are just part of the Clinton package, of course. Only the most naive would accept her promises that a mammoth increase in federal spending can be covered by soaking “the rich.”

We don’t think most West Virginia voters — who pay plenty of taxes now — are going to fall for Clinton’s pandering.