DiOrio Contributed Much at Linsly

The Linsly School Reno DiOrio took over as headmaster in 1979 would not be recognizable to the institution’s students today – except, perhaps, in one respect. The emphasis on excellence, both by students and staff, is much the same as it was for generations before DiOrio took the helm.

But Linsly was an all-male military school in 1979. Now it is a co-educational institution at which the uniforms and the atmosphere are not military.

DiOrio, who presided over the changes, has announced that he is retiring as Linsly’s headmaster. Fortunately, he plans to remain at Linsly as the institution’s president.

DiOrio’s time at Linsly, where he in effect served as the superintendent of a small school district, has been one of the most productive periods in the institution’s history. Its facilities have expanded dramatically. It has a student body of 443 students. It employs experienced faculty.

And Linsly has something DiOrio brought to it: the “never quit” philosophy that drives both students and staff to persevere in doing the best things of which they are capable.

DiOrio’s leadership has made Linsly an important contributor to modern education in large measure because of his insistence on old-fashioned quality teaching and a challenging atmosphere for students. His work has meant much to thousands of young people, many of whom now are leaders in their communities and states.

We join the Linsly community, then, in commending DiOrio highly for a very meaningful career – and in our delight that he will remain a leader at the school.