Hutchins Has Earned Teacher of Year Honor

MaryLu Hutchins, who was named West Virginia Teacher of the Year last week, received the honor the hard way: She earned it.

Hutchins, a first grade teacher at Steenrod Elementary School, was selected by state education officials for the award. They chose well in picking an honoree whose concern for her students is equal to her ability to help them.

She has been honored many times in the past, at the local, state and national levels. One indication of her leadership is that Hutchins is a member of Gov. Joe Manchin’s 21st Century Jobs Cabinet. Another is that she views change not with trepidation, but as an opportunity to do more for her students and state.

West Virginia has many excellent, praiseworthy educators. It is our distinct pleasure to congratulate Hutchins on being selected as the best of the best this year.