Have Confidence In Voting Process

Of the more than 122,000 West Virginians who had used the early voting process to cast ballots in the general election, only about 20 – fewer than two-one hundredths of one percent – have reported problems with touch-screen voting machines.

Every voter’s ballot is important. Every one should be recorded accurately. The handful of people who have reported problems, in Ohio, Jackson and Putnam counties, had every right to be concerned. But in each of their cases, trouble they had in voting was corrected and their ballots were recorded as they desired.

That hardly qualifies as a serious problem regarding the state’s election process, as Secretary of State Betty Ireland has pointed out.

Again, however, every ballot is important. That is why we applaud the steps – which appear to be effective ones – Ireland and local election officials have taken to ensure that votes are recorded correctly. That also is why we encourage voters who go to the polls on Tuesday to be careful in how they use the touch-screen machines – and to bring any problems to the attention of poll workers. If you have any doubt that your votes were taken accurately, check the paper record on the machine.

Poll workers represent both major parties, Democrats and Republicans. In many cases, they will be people voters have known for years. We have every reason to believe that all of them, throughout the Northern Panhandle, are determined to hold the election as efficiently and fairly as possible.

Again, if you have problems voting on Tuesday, ask a poll worker for help. It will be provided – to your satisfaction, we believe.

The election may not turn out entirely to your liking – but here in the Northern Panhandle, it will be conducted honestly.