Planning Ahead On Infrastructure

No doubt Sen. Robert Byrd’s critics will accuse him of steering pork-barrel federal funding to West Virginia because of an announcement his office made this week. Byrd revealed that our state is to receive several million dollars in flood control grants.

Included on the list of grants is $2 million for “a feasibility study of the infrastructure within the Ohio River Basin and the associated recapitalization needs.”

Byrd’s office pointed out that the valley and surrounding area are home to 60 navigation locks and dams, 84 flood control dams and 95 local flood protection programs. The release adds what is no secret, that many of those facilities are deteriorating and will need to be replaced.

The deterioration of our nation’s infrastructure is a disgrace – not to mention a danger to both Americans’ well-being and our pocketbooks. Part of the reason for that is that little or no planning was done to replace deteriorating roads, bridges, dams, etc.

Byrd is to be applauded for recognizing that failure and attempting to do something about it.