Stop New Climate Change Proposal

President Barack Obama made it clear after Congress handed him a victory on health care that he would move next to climate change legislation. He has done just that, using the ongoing Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster to bolster his argument.

Never mind that keeping deepwater offshore gas wells from blowing out and causing environmental disasters has little or nothing to do with the coal industry. Obama sees public anger at one energy company, British Petroleum, as a club he can use against other energy companies.

Obama met last week with members of Congress to urge them to proceed with climate change legislation. No doubt one argument – made discreetly, of course – was that if Congress does not approve Obama’s proposal, he will implement it anyway through the Environmental Protection Agency.

That need not happen. Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., has proposed the Senate order the EPA to hold off on implementing its own greenhouse gas limits for two years. It appears there may be enough Senate votes to approve the Rockefeller measure.

The House of Representatives approved a climate change bill last year but it died in the Senate. Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., who supports such legislation, said a few days ago that a new proposal still does not have enough votes for passage.

We urge senators representing West Virginia, Ohio and other states dependent on the coal industry and low-priced electricity generated from coal to keep it that way.

Climate change regulations such as those favored by Obama would wreck the economies of several states, including West Virginia and quite possibly Ohio. They would kill jobs by the tens of thousands and increase the cost of living for millions of families.

“Cap and trade” was stopped last year in the Senate. Obama and his liberal cronies hope to find something that sounds more appealing – but promotes their same anti-coal agenda. For the good of all Americans, they need to be stopped.