Take Advantage Of Early Voting

Two of the most important elections in recent memory are being held during the next several weeks in West Virginia. A primary scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 28, then a general election on Nov. 2 will decide who will serve us in the U.S. Senate until at least early 2013.

The late Sen. Robert C. Byrd, D-W.Va., set a standard for service that, frankly, will be impossible to match. Still, good representation in the Senate is vitally important for West Virginians, especially now.

That makes it important for Mountain State voters to make their voices heard at the polling place. Fortunately, that has become very easy during the past few years.

Early voting, during which ballots can be cast for several days before the regularly scheduled election day, is a boon to conscientious West Virginians who worry they may not be able to make it to the polls on election day – or simply don’t want to have to stand in line at that time. In contrast to the conventional absentee voting system, those wishing to cast ballots through early voting need not stipulate any reason, such as being out of town on election day, for wanting to do so.

Early voting for the Aug. 28 U.S. Senate primary election is to begin Friday. It will be offered during regular business hours at each county courthouse in our area. To take advantage of it – if you are a registered voter – simply go to your courthouse and ask which room is being used for early voting.

We have been fans of the process since it was established, and continue to believe it is one of the best ideas ever devised to promote government by the people.

We urge area voters to participate in the Aug. 28 primary, then the Nov. 2 general election, of course. We also suggest strongly that a good way of doing so is to take advantage of early voting.