Congress Ignoring Important Issues

Members of Congress left Washington Thursday without addressing a number of important issues. Pending tax increases that will affect tens of millions of Americans were among them. So was a federal government budget.

But on their way out of town, members of the U.S. Senate did find time to vote on one bill they apparently believed is of overriding importance: a measure to limit the sound volume of television commercials.

Given the fiasco a few days ago, when a House of Representatives committee took time to hear from television comedian Stephen Colbert, we are not surprised at lawmakers’ sense of priorities.

By a unanimous vote Wednesday, the Senate advanced a bill that would require television stations and cable companies to ensure the sound on commercials is not higher than that of the programs they sponsor.

Granted, loud commercials are an annoyance for many Americans. But so are the steep tax increases most of us face unless Congress prevents them. And so are hundreds of other issues on which liberal lawmakers are sitting.

Fortunately, there’s something voters can do about members of Congress who aren’t doing their jobs: On Nov. 2, we can turn up the volume on them.