American Dream Really Is in Danger

The mere suggestion that something needs to be done about the nation’s $14 trillion debt and about state budgets drowning in red ink has provoked a vicious backlash from liberal leaders. Civil, rational debate doesn’t appeal to them. They want to browbeat fiscal conservatives into submission.

One of their assaults is in the form of “Defend the Dream” rallies scheduled for Tuesday throughout the nation. Steubenville and Cambridge are the only two events in this area.

MoveOn, the leftist organizing group, is planning the rallies. MoveOn officials claim they are fighting back against “an all-out attack on the American dream.”

That is absurd – and MoveOn leaders know it. They cite conservative proposals to trim $100 billion a year in federal spending – without mentioning that would not even dent this year’s $1.6 trillion deficit. They add, “with Wisconsin and other states proposing massive budget cuts of their own, we have to fight back.”

Just who are “we”?

MoveOn has financial links to several wealthy liberals, as well as other left-wing organizations. What it does not appear to have is widespread grassroots support, however.

Several days of intensive efforts to organize “Defend the Dream” rallies were not productive, to judge by MoveOn’s website. By Saturday afternoon, it listed just one rally scheduled for West Virginia.

And though about 15 events were listed for Ohio, there was something striking about MoveOn’s list: Eleven of the Ohio events listed the same person under “hosted by.” And rhetoric used to build support for each of the individual rallies was exactly the same. Only 62 people had signed up to participate – throughout Ohio – by Saturday afternoon, according to MoveOn’s website.

Clearly, MoveOn and its strategy do not appeal to many West Virginians and Ohioans – and that is a good thing.

Residents of our states are coming to understand the disaster that is government spending. The national debt amounts to about $45,000 for every man, woman and child in America. Ohio faces an $8 billion budget shortfall. West Virginia, despite the best efforts of state officials, will have to cope with a $200 million deficit next year.

The American dream is in danger – from runaway government spending. MoveOn hopes to use boisterous rallies and scary slogans to divert attention from that fact. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to be working.