Task Force Won’t Lower Gas Prices

Who was the last president not to promise to do something about high gasoline prices? We’ll give you a moment on that one. It’s a toughie …

Don’t remember? Neither do we. You’d think the current chief executive, Barack Obama, would realize Americans at some point will decide appointing commissions, committees, blue-ribbon panels and the like isn’t enough to address our energy problems.

But no, Obama hasn’t recognized growing dissatisfaction on gasoline prices. Last week he said he was going to do something about them – by appointing a task force to examine the problem.

Good heavens. We know what the problem is. We don’t have enough domestic oil to satisfy demand, so we have to import most of what we use.

The rational response to that would be to increase domestic production as much as possible, buy as much petroleum as we can from friendly nations, and develop new energy sources that are feasible.

Obama is doing none of the above. In fact, he continues to block efforts to produce more oil here and to buy more from Canada.

He tells Americans “alternative fuels” are the answer. Solar and wind power, along with ethanol, aren’t the answer, of course.

But this summer, as you may be paying $5 a gallon for gasoline, remember: Obama has a task force.