Mayor Mucci Should Resign

Steubenville Mayor Domenick Mucci has pleaded guilty to driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol on July 31 and has been found guilty of two counts of leaving the scene of an accident on the same night. He has been sentenced to spend three days in jail, fined, placed on probation and had his driving privileges limited.

Mucci has apologized for the situation and has said he will reimburse the owners of two cars he damaged on July 31.

Now, he should resign as mayor.

Yes, Mucci has accepted responsibility for his misbehavior. And yes, he has enrolled in a treatment program to deal with what obviously is a problem with alcohol.

But this is not Mucci’s first charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Steubenville police have said he was charged with the offense twice in the past.

That’s three strikes – enough for some employers in the private sector to fire an employee. Public officials, who ask for the trust of those they serve, should be held to even higher standards of behavior.

No matter how conscientiously Mucci serves the people of Steubenville, he has betrayed their trust in a way that will leave a cloud hanging over him as mayor. No level of regret – and we believe the mayor’s is sincere – and no amount of ongoing dedication to serving the public can change that.

For the good of the community, then, Mucci should step down as mayor.