The Intelligencer Stands Guard

As Americans observe the sesquicentennial of the Civil War and we West Virginians prepare to celebrate a century and a half as a state, history certainly is on the minds of many area residents. So it is with us at The Intelligencer.

Today, we celebrate a birthday – the newspaper’s 159th. It is an occasion on which we look back on a long history of service to our communities, states and nation.

When The Intelligencer published its first edition on Aug. 24, 1852, the policy that continues to guide us was set forth: “All that the people require in order to arrive at proper conclusions is light and information.”

Down through the years we have held firm to that philosophy. We continue to provide unparalleled news coverage, devoting more resources to it than all our competitors combined. And we still believe in strong leadership on our editorial pages, using them to focus light on concerns and suggesting solutions. In our minds, partisanship and special interests always have been set aside in favor of what was best for our readers, our communities, our states and our nation.

Sometimes our stances have been controversial – even revolutionary, in some minds. At a time when Wheeling and the Northern Panhandle still were part of Virginia, The Intelligencer was a leading voice in favor of remaining in the Union and establishing a new state – West Virginia.

But that was then and this is now. What about the future?

The Intelligencer indeed has adapted – several times – to new technology and changing climates economically, socially and politically. But our dedication to service has not changed and will not in the future.

After all, we are part of the public we serve. The communities, states and nation we serve are ours, too.

Since before West Virginia was a state, The Intelligencer has “stood guard,” as noted at the top of page one of each of our editions. We intend to continue doing just that long into the future.

That truly is cause for celebration, and we hope you will join us today as we wish ourselves a hearty “Happy Birthday!”