Early Intervention Benefits Children

Early, decisive intervention is the key in saving at-risk students from failure in school. Just such an effort is being made in the Union Local School District, and it seems to be paying off.

During a board of education meeting last week, reports on various programs to provide special help to youngsters were provided.

Special Education Supervisor Everett Mace said an after-school intervention program for elementary school students is making progress. Forty-five students have improved in basic skills, he noted.

An intervention program for kindergarten-age students has become something of a shining star. Mace told board members all children involved have shown improvement, compared to levels in initial screenings.

That is quite impressive. It is a tribute to all involved – educators, children and their parents.

Union Local’s intervention programs are far from unique. Most school districts have similar initiatives to help children who, without additional help, might well never graduate from high school. Union Local’s success proves how valuable such efforts are to ensure – dare we say it? – that no child is left behind.