Murray Energy Committed to Area

While much of the public’s attention during recent months has been focused on the potential for investments in the local economy by companies coming into our area, primarily in the gas and oil industries, an old friend has been continuing to do good things quietly.

Murray Energy Corp., a major player in the coal industry, plans to open its new headquarters building near St. Clairsville in June. Construction of the four-story, 149-office structure is intended to consolidate operations now handled at four different locations in Ohio and West Virginia.

That, along with major improvements at the company’s coal mine near Beallsville, should mean about 300 new jobs for our area.

Murray is the nation’s largest privately owned mining company, producing about 30 million tons of coal a year. It has been a reliable mainstay of the East Ohio economy for many years.

During a time when some worry about the industry’s future, Murray is investing in it – and in our area. That marks a commitment appreciated, we are certain, by thousands of local residents.