Teachers Deserve Praise for Sacrifice

After July, educators in the Martins Ferry City School District may start receiving the same paychecks they took home two years ago.

Students, parents and taxpayers in general should take note of that – and say thank you to the teachers.

Nearly two years ago, the city’s school district was experiencing a financial meltdown. Spending had to be reduced. District officials asked members of the teachers’ union, the Martins Ferry Education Association, for help.

MFEA members stepped up to the plate, hitting something of a home run. They volunteered to have their pay reduced by 5 percent until the district could get back on its feet.

By the end of July, pay is set to go back up to pre-cutback levels.

MFEA leaders and members who agreed to the cuts prevented reductions that would have hurt their students. They taught their young charges something about responsibility.

For that, the teachers deserve the highest praise.