Facts Don’t Back Biden’s Boasting

When he visits Martins Ferry Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden is expected to tout President Barack Obama’s record in boosting U.S. manufacturing. Don’t expect Biden to discuss the devastation some White House initiatives will bring to many companies and people who make things, however.

Obama’s tax proposals would slash investment in manufacturing, as well as other types of business.

His national health care law is expected to result in loss of company-paid insurance for millions of working men and women.

Already, coal miners are beginning to lose their jobs as a result of Obama’s war against coal and the Environmental Protection Agency’s multi-pronged assault on the industry.

And the war on coal will have side-effects harmful to many manufacturers. If Obama and the EPA proceed to close scores of coal-fired power plants, electricity prices will soar. Plants where electricity is a major share of the cost of production, such as Ormet in Monroe County, will suffer.

Even the construction industry, which Obama claims to have jump-started through his “stimulus” program, will be affected by the environmental radicals in the EPA. If the agency is allowed to declare coal ash as a hazardous waste and regulate it as such, the price of constructing bridges, highways, even buildings will increase – because coal ash is a primary ingredient in much of the concrete used for those purposes.

It has been estimated the EPA’s coal ash plan would increase the cost of road and bridge construction by $5 billion a year – reducing the number of jobs in that industry.

All of this leaves out the higher cost of living for manufacturing workers and other Americans as a result of Obama biases such as that against domestic drilling for oil.

Biden will boast on Thursday – but the facts tell a different story.