Going Online With County Government

If you need to pay a property tax bill in Ohio County, you have just two choices: You can travel to the City-County Building in Wheeling and pay in person, or you can mail in a check, then wait for a receipt to be mailed back.

County commissioners want to make the process easier and cheaper. Earlier this month they requested a $10,000 grant from the state to set up a system through which property tax bills can be paid online, using credit cards.

If the state approves, commissioners will add $3,133 in county funds to pay for computer software needed to implement the pay-by-web system. It will be money well spent.

Most bills – with the exceptions being those sent out by government entities – can be paid online. Consumers like that because it is convenient and saves them and the businesses with which they deal a few dollars a month.

Government bodies and agencies ought to be doing more business online, as Ohio County commissioners plan. At the very least, government entities should provide online services comparable to those in the private sector.

Officials with the state Technical Broadband Program should approve Ohio County’s grant request as soon as possible.