Allow Wind Power Subsidies to Expire

For decades, proponents of what has come to be called “green” energy have said it would provide cheap electricity and provide lots of new jobs. Wrong on both counts, as observant Americans have learned.

Very few jobs have been created by solar and wind energy industries. The power they generate is much more expensive than that from coal-fired generating stations.

What “green” energy has done is suck up billions of taxpayers’ dollars through federal and state subsidies. A nation with a $16 trillion and growing national debt simply cannot afford to continue providing the subsidies and, in the process, inflicting expensive electricity on consumers.

Here in West Virginia, we are familiar with one form of “green” energy, that produced by the gigantic wind turbine towers that have sprung up by the scores on some of our most beautiful mountain tops.

Without federal subsidies, those towers would not have been constructed. They are profitable only because Washington pays for every megawatt hour of power generated.

During the past four years, $14 billion in subsidies, through tax credits, have been paid to the wind power industry.

That program will expire at the end of this year unless Congress extends it. Clearly, lawmakers should resist the pressure liberals will exert on behalf of “green” energy, and allow the subsidies to blow away.