Dangerous Drugs A Changing Threat

At one time there really was not that much to know about drugs that posed a danger to young people. The average high school student probably qualified to teach a course on the subject.

But times have changed. Now, it is difficult to keep track of the dozens of substances that threaten our young people without the proverbial scorecard.

One thing that has not changed, unfortunately, is that many parents remain woefully ignorant concerning the drug “scene.” Some may guard the supply of beer in their refrigerator carefully without noticing the pill or two being taken from their prescription drug bottles.

U.S. Attorney William Ihlenfeld, whose territory encompasses West Virginia’s 32 northernmost counties, hopes to do something about that with a series of programs to educate both young people and their parents. His “Project FUTURE: The Right Prescription for West Virginia,” already has programs scheduled at Brooke, John Marshall, Magnolia and Wheeling Park high schools.

One focus of Ihlenfeld’s program, in cooperation with the Ohio County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition and Drug Free Clubs of America, is synthetic drugs – an ever-changing threat.

Good for Ihlenfeld and the two organizations. Now, let’s hope young people and their parents pay attention.