Don’t Let Anger Take Over Politics

With the Republican Party’s national convention still recent history and the Democrat Party in the midst of its gathering in North Carolina, rancorous devisiveness already has come to the Ohio Valley, to judge by a Wheeling police report on Monday.

An empty chair on which rested a sign proclaiming “Make my day” was taken from a Warwood yard on Labor Day. The display, relating to movie figure Clint Eastwood’s speech at the GOP convention, apparently annoyed someone enough to turn him into a thief.

Unfortunately, that is nothing new. Too often at election time, law enforcement agencies are told by candidates that someone has stolen their campaign signs.

It says much about the quality of local candidates – and the conscientiousness of their supporters – that such reports are rare. A run-and-let-run mentality seems to prevail most of the time.

But politics seems to have become more acrimonious during recent years, especially at the national level.

Residents of our area, of whatever political persuasion, should not sink to the level of name calling and sign stealing or defacing. Here in the Ohio Valley, we’re better than that.

To use another cliche, can’t we all just get along?